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The Oregon Story:

Cannabis Pioneers




Oregon becomes the first state to decriminalize cannabis – a bipartisan achievement led by State Rep. Earl Blumenauer and Gov. Tom McCall.


Second state to legalize medical cannabis by a popular vote of 54% to 45%.


Third state to fully legalize cannabis by a popular vote of 56% to 44%.


Oregon’s legal cannabis market is maturing rapidly. We estimate a base market of at least $700 million in sales per year.

Our Story:

Oregon Business Veterans

Larry A. Cornell, President and CEO (left) and Grant R. Chaput, Executive Vice President and General Counsel (right)

We are seasoned members of Oregon’s business community, each bringing decades of professional experience to FUGU.

Larry A. Cornell

President and CEO
Larry is an entrepreneur with a forty-year history of success. He has created popular retail concepts, as well as import and manufacturing companies, and developed, managed, and sold real estate. A lifelong Oregonian, he started the first coffee, tea and spice import store in Portland. As a philanthropist, Larry founded the Elephant Foundation, devoted to the health and preservation of Asian elephants.
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Grant R. Chaput

Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Grant is a broadly experienced business attorney and executive who helped grow adidas America, Inc. into one of Oregon’s most important businesses and a major domestic brand.
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John C. Bickford, Cmdr. USN Ret.

Director of Compliance/Administration
Commander Bickford retired from the US Navy as Commander in the Submarine Service followed by process, planning and safety compliance work at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Richland, Washington.

Jonah Bruce

Director of Cultivation / Master Grower
Jonah is a highly successful expert cannabis grower with over 15 years experience. Jonah acts as a consultant to other growers in anticipating and correcting cultivation problems such as pest control, mold, mildew, and best practices.

Our Farm

The Problem:

Inefficient, Costly, Unreliable Production

Prevailing cannabis production methods are unsuitable in a maturing market, delivering an inconsistent and unreliable supply to retailers searching for order.

Outdoor farms are at the mercy of bad weather, prone to pests and pollutants in the air, and harder to keep secure. Converted warehouses are expensive to lease, retrofit and operate. They also lack natural sunlight and consume massive amounts of energy to make up for it.

The Solution:

The FUGU Farm

FUGU Farm will utilize state-of-the-art Nexus “Vail” light deprivation greenhouses.

The FUGU Farm’s augmented greenhouse harnesses the power of natural sunlight and pairs it with an automated, climate controlled, cleanroom-like growing environment that reliably produces the highest quality cannabis – day in and day out.

A polycarbonate, light-diffusing roof channels natural sunlight to the plants in any weather, including overcast days.

Flowering plants benefit from an automated light deprivation system featuring controlled blackout curtains and supplemental high intensity grow lights programmed for optimal flowering conditions.

FUGU Farm will utilize state-of-the-art Nexus “Vail” light deprivation greenhouses.

The FUGU Farm is wildly superior to other growing methods: An ideal indoor environment designed to optimize production in compliance with Oregon’s recreational cannabis laws and regulations.

  • At least 50% more energy efficient than a converted warehouse.
  • Automation reduces labor costs.
  • Water and fertilizers are recycled.
  • Higher weight yields and the highest quality commanding top dollar for top-shelf product.

The Plan:

Build and Grow

FUGU Farm has a complete construction cost of approximately $1.5 million. FUGU, Inc. has secured up to a 20 year ground lease of 5.9 acres in rural Eagle Creek, OR, approximately 30 minutes from Portland city limits.

Within 6 months of our Spring 2017 ground breaking, the Farm is ready to receive plant stock. All local government approvals are in place. Our approvable Recreational License Application is with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, and an OLCC investigator has been assigned.

The Farm will produce 26 crops per year yielding between 1.5 to 2.5 tons of finished, top-quality cannabis flower. FUGU’s branded products meet the needs of retailers with consistent year-round supply, consistent quality, and “Grow to Book” sales support allowing retailers to place advanced orders for exactly the products their customers desire.


crops produced per year

The Latest

Recent News

MAY 5, 2017

Portland Business Journal: Bringing a practiced business eye to growing cannabis

Check it out — FUGU is featured in this week’s Portland Business Journal!

Veteran entrepreneur and business attorney are behind Fugu Farms, a state-of-the-art marijuana production facility in development…

The perennial argument in marijuana growing circles is indoor vs. outdoor, but Cornell and Chaput have chosen a method called light-deprivation greenhouse. It’s kind of a cross between the two, taking advantage of the gift of free natural light and the control that artificial light offers.

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